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Is my engine healthy? Sign up for SavvyAnalysis Pro and our expert analysts will tell you.

We have been analyzing engine monitor data for years as part of Savvy's full-service managed maintenance program. Now you can have access to the same expertise for a very affordable price!

How does it work? What do I get?

It’s easy!

  1. Upload your data right from your web-browser
  2. Request analysis of a particular flight with a click of your mouse
  3. Our analysts will analyze your data and email you the results in an attractive, well-organized report you can share with your mechanic, complete with detailed analytical findings and recommendations. Click here for a sample report.
  4. Now with FEVA™ technology! Failing Exhaust Valve Analytics for each flight you upload for analysis. Learn more

How much does it cost?

Less than a burger flight: $129 for singles, $199 for twins.

NEW  The annual fee includes analysis of as many flights having clear diagnostic value as necessary to evaluate the condition of your fuel, ignition and induction systems, and help you resolve engine problems.

Why is analyzing my engine data so important?

Digital engine monitors measure and record information about the health of your engine's fuel, ignition, induction and turbocharging systems when it matters the most: while your engine is running. It is the only way to see what is actually happening during the combustion process.

    The information is invaluable in:
  • Maintaining Engine Health
  • Diagnosing Engine And Electrical System Problems
  • Identifying Problems With Operating Technique,
  • Saving Money In Maintenance And Fuel Costs

However, engine data is only useful if you know what to look for. We do!

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