Advanced Charting

Charting (Advanced)

The row of legend buttons permit you to highlight, isolate or hide any particular trace on the chart, to highlight, isolate or hide odd or even cylinders. (The odd/even feature makes it easy to see if there's a timing difference between the two magnetos.)

Click on the "text display" tool to open a text box at the right side of the window, enabling you to cut-and-paste data from the chart to other applications (emails, word processors, etc.) Click anywhere on the graph to create a static cursor and cause the values of all charted parameters under the cursor to appear in the text box.

Click on the "difference" and/or "rate of change" tools if you want the charting engine to calculate the differences or rates of change of charted parameters between two points in time. With either or both of these tools enabled, clicking on the chart will create a static start cursor and a second click will create a static end cursor. The differences and/or rates of change of all charted parameters between the two static cursors will appear in the text box. (This feature makes analyzing in-flight mag checks and calculating GAMI spreads a real snap.)

GAMI spread calculation

The GAMI tool automatically calculates the "GAMI spread" and shows you which cylinders are running rich or lean. The cylinders are listed in order with the richest-running at the top and the leanest-running at the bottom. A GAMIl spread of 0.5 GPH or less is highly desirable for engines operated lean-of-peak (LOP).

This just scratches the surface of what this extraordinarily powerful charting engine can do.

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