Charting (Basic)

The charting engine allows you to choose a presentation format of one, two, or four stacked charts. For single-engine aircraft, the most common presentation is usually two stacked charts, with EGTs on the top chart and CHTs on the bottom chart. The four-chart presentation is most commonly used for twin-engine aircraft.

Each chart can display either one or two parameters or parameter groups. For example, in the screen shot at right, the top chart is displaying EGTs on the left axis, and the bottom chart is displaying CHTs on the left axis. Each chart can also display and additional parameter on the right axis. With a four-chart presentation, up to eight parameters or parameter groups can be displayed simultaneously.

A dynamic vertical cursor line follows your mouse pointer and is displayed simultaneously on all stacked charts. Adjacent to the dynamic cursor is a dynamic value box that displays the exact digital values of all charted parameters under the cursor. The values in the box are color-coded and sorted to make them easy to correlate visually with the chart traces.

Zoom any chart by dragging a rectangle around the area of interest. All stacked charts will zoom in unison. You can perform this zoom operation repeatedly, and you can fine-tune the zoomed charts using the nudge arrows to move the displayed traces up, down, left or right. The "unzoom" button returns all charts to the the previous zoom level, and the "reset zoom" returns all charts to the original pre-zoomed configuration.

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