Uploading files

You may upload as much engine monitor data as you like to the site. Your files will remain permanently accessible—fully backed up and protected from loss—unless you delete it.

The "Upload Files" screen allows you to upload engine monitor data files. You may select as many files as you like to be uploaded in a single operation. The files you select may be in any standard engine monitor file format (e.g., .JPI, .LOG, .CSV), and the platform will automatically recognize and parse the file. Each file may contain data from one or many flights.

You may also select one or more ZIP archives, and the platform will automatically decompress and extract all recognizable engine monitor data files contained within the archive.

Click on "Add Files" and select all the files you want to upload. All the files you selected will be uploaded and parsed by the platform. We accept file formats from all of the popular makes and models of digital engine monitors. If any of the files you upload are from an engine monitor we don't yet support or in a format we don't recognize, we'll notify our development team and do our best to support it.

When the file upload has completed, you can upload more files, or view a list of the flights extracted from the files you've already uploaded..

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